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Windsurfing Products

We have been selling windsurfing gear on the East Coast for over 30 years.

Our goal is to provide our customer with the most enjoyable experience in the sport of windsurfing. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help guide you to the best board, sail, mast, boom or accessory for your needs.

We offer levels of equipment ranging from the price conscious weekend warrior, to the serious performance sailor. Stop by the shop or check out the East of Maui Online Shopping site for a brief overview of some of our closeouts and sale prices. Note, some things are limited as they are not available through online ordering. Additionally, all equipment is available in package deals.

We have wetsuits, harnesses, harness lines, board bags, downhaul tools, wind indicators, gear bags, quiver bags, racks, pads, footstraps, repair kits — you name it!

We stock all the necessities for the windsurfing enthusiast. And if we don't have it, we'll order it!

Looking to meet other windsurfers in Central Maryland? Check out the Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association.